Nintendo’s NX allegedly has detachable controllers, is a portable console

We’ll supposedly know more in September

Chalk this up as another rumor on top of the pile of other NX rumors, but this one seems to have credence from Eurogamer, who generally has some top-notch sources.

The outlet is reporting that the NX will be a “high-powered handheld console with its own display,” and that the screen is “bookended by two controller sections on either side, which can be attached or detached.” Breaking it down, this allows it to be connected to a TV by way of a docking station of sorts, and taken out at will to work to be used on the go.

This is basically what people have been hinting at for months now — that it would work similarly to the Wii U GamePad, but would be capable of displaying higher quality visuals and could be taken more than a few feet away from the streaming source. Another big tidbit?

It’ll apparently use cartridges, which Nintendo is recommending at roughly 32GB in size — a digital-only system was considered, but ultimately rejected. Sources also say the NX will use a new proprietary Nintendo OS, and not Android as previously rumored, and that it will be unveiled in September. They also have a breakdown of the processor, which seems…underwhelming from a third-party perspective (though great for Nintendo).

I can see the skit now — Reggie complains about not being able to play the same games on the go and at home (possibly fumbling with cloud services to transfer his save), and Miyamoto appears to tell him “yes, there is a better way.” The console itself is still due in less than a year (in March 2017), and we know so little about it. Here’s hoping the reveal event is a big one.

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