Nintendo’s new Tokyo store is so popular that it has hours-long wait times

‘Sorry to keep customers waiting’

Nintendo opened their flagship Tokyo store just recently in November, and they’re still having a massive over-population problem even after the Christmas season. Clocking in at 300-square-meters, the space just isn’t enough to fit everyone, and Nintendo has been forced to implement hours-long wait times beyond its gates.

According to Bloomberg the store is very popular both in terms of local fans and foreign visitors, and has gotten to the point where tickets are now distributed outdoors for entry before the 10AM opening time. The outlet reports that roughly 500 individual items (of 1,000) are exclusive to the store, making it a choice location for Nintendo fanatics. The lead-up to a big-time Nintendo store in Tokyo has also been a long time coming.

This info is backed up by the official Twitter account, which has been refreshingly transparent. Just this week the store is providing wait times for entry, which as of today, December 30, was upwards of 150 minutes. If you’re out there trying to get in, good luck! In the age of ubiquitous online shopping I haven’t waited in line for anything for years (RIP amiibo Wave 4), but naturally Nintendo creates this type of urgency!

Nintendo Tokyo [Twitter via Bloomberg]

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