Nintendo’s Game & Watch come back as Mini Classics

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I lived in Japan at the time the Game & Watch craze was in full force. I’m not sure what happened to my beloved little games, but I played the hell out of them in my younger years. I guess that’s why nostalgia kicks in when I look at these Nintendo Mini Classics.

Designed to look like tiny Game Boy Color units, these Mini Classics are coming out with some of the old Game & Watch titles, like  Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Jr, and Mario’s Cement Factory. Opposable Thumbs says that these little keychained games are available at retailers now, at prices between $5 and $20. $20? That’s crazy talk.

If they really wanted to cash in on our sense of nostalgia, they’d release it in the same form factor. I’d buy them up in a heartbeat. Otherwise, I think I’d rather have the DSiWare.

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