Nintendo’s crap response to no HD for Netflix service

You guys are the master of spin, so I know you can do better that that.

It’s great that Netflix is coming to the Wii, but with the system’s max resolution being lower than high-definition, you’ll have to count out those HD movie streams. Or watch them on your PS3 or Xbox 360.

Nintendo of America top dog Reggie Fils-Aimé tried his best to put the shine on this one, but he fell short.

First, off and I’m sure Reed [CEO of Netflix] would support this is, the vast majority of content that is available for streaming through Netflix is not HD content. So, there is really no loss for the Wii consumer –  the fact that they can’t get any HD content through our system.

Reggie also spoke for America on CNBC, pointing to the large Wii userbase as basically confirmation that the “overall entertainment value” is more important than the “quality of the visual” for us. Don’t speak for me. And don’t speak for the millions of HDTVs and Blu-ray players purchased last year. That one’s going to come back and bite him later.

He does have a bit of a point about the service and HD. Most of it isn’t in HD, and what is in HD does not always look good. You’ll get better streaming results out of Amazon’s movie service or the Zune HD service on your Xbox Live. That said, him saying that “there is really no loss for the Wii consumer” is wrong. They’ve lost out on the opportunity to stream HD. If Netflix ups their service and selection, Wii users will definitely be missing out.

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Dale North