Nintendo won’t put out: Still tight lipped about European Brawl release

Most fans in Europe who are eagerly awaiting Super Smash Bros. Brawl have most likely come to terms with the fact that it will be months after the US release before they can (legally) play it. Nintendo, however, is happy to compound that misery by refusing to announce any firm release date, and shooting down speculated ones.

It was rumored that we’d finally been granted the date of June 6, but Nintendo has denied any such talk, claiming that “This is pure rumor and speculation – no announcement has been made.”

So, when does Europe get Brawl? That’s easy — we get Brawl when Nintendo says we get Brawl, and we’re all expected to sit still and shut up until then. As always, Nintendo is quick to tell Europe that it can’t have something, not so keen on when we can

Tough luck, as usual. At least there’s Mario Kart and (snigger) Wii Fit in April. It seems there’s still a long way to go before Europe gets the game almost everybody’s talking about though … not that half the world will still be talking about it by the time it arrives in the PAL region.

Jim Sterling