Nintendo wins marketer of the year, shifts paradigm diagonalwise

In a world of paradigms that shift with total impunity, Nintendo seems to be proactively riding the white horse of synergy with their Wii console. Also, any number of other meaningless marketing terms.

Advertising Age — the magazine for people who wish prostitution had better health benefits — has awarded Nintendo their coveted Marketer of the Year award, only a week after Brandweek named Reggie Fils Aime Grand Marketer of the Year. To quote AdAge:

In much the way Apple made music aficionados out of mere music buyers, Nintendo via its Wii system has created a passionate group of devotees out of people who previously couldn’t have cared less about video games. Wii broke open a market long confined predominantly to young men and welcomed in the rest of the family. 

In winning the award, Nintendo beat out companies such as Apple, Nike and Geico and individuals such as Al “Sunshine, Lollipops and Chlorofluorocarbons” Gore.

Many of you have often expressed disdain at the quality of the Wii’s software library, but you can’t argue with how vastly Nintendo has changed the marketplace. While Microsoft and Sony fight like jackals over the “hardcore” market, Nintendo has drawn in people from all walks of life. People who, five years ago, would have been cleaning gutters or taking part in Civil War reenactments are now gamers, which is the sort of success the combined powers of Halo, Half-Life and BioShock simply can’t claim.

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