Nintendo: Wii hard drive is a no go … suckers

Nintendo, lovers of innovation and customer appreciation (sinister smile), have come out and confirmed that the Wii will not have an external hard drive for those who wanted such a convenience. Check it out:

Nintendo has dismissed reports that it’s going to release an external hard disk drive for the Wii so that people can transfer some of their stuff off the machine’s internal flash drive, but it has confirmed that the DS is about to get a voice communication headset.

Japanese magazine Gamelabo claimed that Nintendo Japan executives had met recently to discuss the hard disk drive, but Nintendo UK told our sister site that that’s “pure rumour and speculation”.

External storage is handy for Wii owners who like to buy games via Virtual Console, as the 512MB internal drive can quickly fill up. At the moment, users can invest in an SD flash-card to help store some of their software and save-game files away from the main system.

Is it really so hard to maybe put out a little something for your loyal customers? Seriously, what the hell? It’s not like the company would sell it for free.

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