Nintendo urges Switch owners to ‘charge their devices once every six months’ to avoid an ‘unchargeable battery’

I love the squiggly lines to denote a bricked console

Batteries…they’re a pain, am I right?

Just recently we were reminded about the dangers of the PSP’s battery, now, Nintendo is giving us tips on how to maintain a healthy Switch console. The gist? Charge your Switch once every six months.

This past week, Nintendo of Japan’s customer service Twitter account shared a helpful tip: “please charge [your battery] every six months.” Simple, right? Nintendo says that the battery baked into the Switch “may become unchargeable if it has not been charged or used for too long.”

You might be thinking “well I keep my Switch docked all the time!” And you’d be right: you’re good. But if you ever get a second Switch and retire your original unit to storage, or upgrade to a Switch Pro and do the same, you might want to keep this tip straight from the horse’s mouth in your back pocket.

The dangers of having a big collection of hardware! One tip I’ve heard from another game preservation expert is to schedule reminders every six months or so to take an inventory of all of your old systems and either charge them or inspect their batteries. As a kid, I used to experience that battery leakage/rot in my old Game Boys. Never again!

Nintendo Customer Service [Twitter]

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