Nintendo unveils more Miitomo details, has microtransactions

I’m just in it for the points

Nintendo is starting to share some more details for Miitomo, and dumped a whole bunch of info on us this morning. In addition to opening up pre-registration and the Nintendo Account signup page, the publisher has also noted that if you create your account before the app arrives you’ll get bonus Platinum Points.

Launching as a free app, you can customize your Mii, which can be generated by snapping a photo — thankfully, you can easily import your existing Mii by way of a QR code. They can also link up to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, which will queue up questions for users (this sounds a lot like the social app Peach).

You’ll also earn Miitomo coins, which are used to earn new outfits, and yes, of course, IAP (in-app purchases, the mobile version of microtransactions) are in. Nintendo boasts this feature by saying you can get “outlandish” clothes like a “hot dog costume.” You and I have different versions of outlandish, Nintendo.

Miitomo [Nintendo]

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