Nintendo unleashes more nostalgia with NES Classic manuals

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Tomorrow marks the release of the NES Classic console and most people are probably not going to find it in stores. Pre-orders have been sold out for months and popularity has been at an all-time high for the device. People really love them some classic NES action!

In a surprisingly modern move, Nintendo has created a website with PDF manuals for each game on the NES Classic. You can find each game formatted to an “Electronic” manual or “Printed” style. The printable ones are recreations of the old, in-box manuals of yesteryear.

I’m honestly considering printing the manuals for The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. as a memento to the past. Apart from the nostalgic value of actually owning these, I love that Nintendo hasn’t thrown away all the artwork or effort that went into creating these booklets. Instruction manuals may be all but dead today, but I’d be more inclined to read them if developers made PDFs like this.

NES Classic Edition Manuals [Nintendo JP]

Peter Glagowski
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