Nintendo UK quiet about Super Smash Bros. European release date

As you all know by now, Super Smash Bros. Brawl has been delayed yet again by about a month in Japan and the USA. As far as the European release goes, we’ve never been given a street date but it seemed quite likely we wouldn’t be seeing hide nor hair of the bloody thing until Summer. Now that there are delays in the countries that Nintendo cares about, we in Europe wonder if we will be affected at all.

Well, Nintendo UK won’t tell us. In fact, when asked about how the recent delays will affect a European release, Nintendo UK would only say that “no European date has ever been announced for Smash Bros.” Well gee, thanks for that, makes us feel special.

Nintendo’s persisting treatment of Europe as if it were a second class citizen has almost become a self-parody, to the point where it’s saying statements that make it sound like the company won’t even bother releasing the game at all over here. Saying that no release date has ever been announced is as good as saying that the game simply isn’t planned to ever come to Europe, and while that’s clearly not the case (as far as we know), that’s certainly what the tone implies. 

Maybe we’ll get it in time for Christmas though, eh? Christmas 2030.

[Thanks Aerox]

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