Nintendo tweets in support of a digital E3, and uh can we get a Direct this year?

Microsoft joined in on the praise too

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E3 2021 is back in digital form, and it’s not going to be a paywalled affair. That’s good!

Nintendo and Microsoft were also confirmed to be in on the festivities, and the former actively showed their support on Twitter via Nintendo of America president and Reggie successor Doug Bowser.

Bowser tweeted, stopping short of confirming a showcase or stream event like a Nintendo Direct: “It’s going to be great to get the video game industry back together with our fans this June. We’ll make the virtual format fun and engaging. Looking forward to seeing you all in June!” If you recall, Nintendo did not have a proper Direct in all of 2020 (just Minis or Directs for specific games), much less an E3 presentation.

As you may recall, Microsoft was also proudly announced to be part of the festivities too by the ESA, and Phil Spencer joined in on the hype. Spencer tweeted out that he’s “glad to see the game industry coming together again in June,” and that E3, and “other summer events are proof that our industry is strongest when we work together.”

Working together, eh? Now, this is all theatrics and PR optics, but at the same time, that’s clear shade being thrown at Sony, who may once again be a no-show at E3 this year. That’s their choice, and it might make business sense for them! But in terms of the consumer-side, Sony was super slow to implement cross-play and cross-progression in the past, and in recent years, has become a sort of island.

Doug Bowser [Twitter]

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