Nintendo told Conduit 2 devs not to use Wii Speak

Despite launching the Wii Speak peripheral and doing practically f*ck-all with it, Nintendo is apparently actively dissuading other developers from using the thing either. According to High Voltage, the publisher told them not to use Wii Speak in the upcoming online shooter Conduit 2

“We have a Rival system that allows you play with people who aren’t just your friends and it will be chat-enabled using the upcoming Headbanger headset,” says Chief Creative Officer Eric Nofsinger. “Not the greatest name but it’s actually a pretty good device. Nintendo told us to not use Wii Speak.”

The first Conduit game relied on Wii Speak for its online interactions, but you’ll need to buy this Headbanger thing if you want to speak in the sequel. It’s almost like Wii Speak was a cynical cash-grab that was justified in one game and then promptly ignored … but Nintendo’s never done that, so it can’t be so!

Conduit 2: Online Multiplayer Ain’t Easy on the Wii [Bitmob]

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