Nintendo to release ‘midnight blue’ DSi XL on July 11

If the only thing was holding you back from buying the Nintendo DSi XL was the color selection, maybe Nintendo has the thing for you. Today it’s announced that it will be releasing a “midnight blue” version of the over-sized handheld on July 11. [Note: Nintendo has yet to release an image of the new color; will update the above image when we hear back.]

The system will come pre-loaded with Flipnote Studio, Brain Age Express: Math, Brain Age Express Arts & Letters, and Photo Clock. Like the already available bronze and burgundy systems, the midnight blue DSi XL will retail for $189.99.

Japan recently also had a DSi XL color refresh in Japan, introducing blue, yellow, green versions of the handheld. For more details on the system, check out my review. Have you purchased a DSi XL yet, or are you just holding out for Nintendo’s 3D iteration?

Nick Chester