Nintendo Switch Sports is getting its free golf update later than expected

Nintendo Switch Sports golf

Nintendo has delayed it a bit

The Nintendo Switch Sports golf update has been delayed, according to Nintendo via their Nintendo Direct stream this morning. As a reminder, golf was touted as a free addition to the game shortly after launch, but now it’ll arrive “this holiday.”

We did get a detail though! Eight players can play online in the same course at the same time — and folks can get kicked out. You can also “hit the fairway across 21 holes from the Wii Sports series.”

So far, the post-launch support for Nintendo Switch Sports has been fairly low-key, as it came with a lot of features at launch to begin with. There’s still a wishlist from fans to be sure (including more long-term rewards), but Golf should nicely round out the long-term impact of the game.

The big July update pretty much took care of a lot of those aforementioned wishlist items, including the shoring up of soccer (which thankfully now has full, rather than partial, leg strap support), and a general cleanup in terms of the overarching control scheme. Online play was also tweaked, including an indicator that informs players if someone has a weak connection.

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