Nintendo surprises us with two SP (special) versions of Metroid and Blaster Master on Switch

In addition to Kirby’s Adventure and Mario 2

In addition to the previously planned arrivals of Kirby’s Adventure and Super Mario Bros. 2 on the Switch as part of the NES suite, we’re also getting two more “SP” editions of existing games: Metroid and Blaster Master.

The former boosts you with extra items and the latter allows you to begin at area 8, the last area in the game. You’ll also basically be maxed out so you can take down the final boss. This is typical of the SP releases: they’re basically cheat code save files at this point. This is the second SP release for Metroid, curiously, given the password system exists.

As we discussed several days ago when Nintendo said it was going into overdrive trying to improve the Switch Online program, we need more. I started to come around to the NES suite, but the drip-feed concept is really getting to me. Just dump a bunch of first-party games on it as you work on the next logical step (SNES) and call it a day.

Nintendo of America [Twitter]

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