Nintendo sued for copyright infringement on old Paper Mario ad

Even though the rest of the world has moved past the GameCube and onto the Wii, Los Angeles film production company Morgan Creek Productions is still hung on one particular GameCube game… or should I say GameCube game ad.

On June 12th, Morgan Creek filed suit against Nintendo for the use of a song called “You’re So Cool” from the movie True Romance. It was used in a commercial for the game Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for the GameCube almost half a decade ago.

The 1993 film was directed by Tony Scott and written by Quentin Tarantino, and featured an original score by Hans Zimmer. 

No worries, though. According to GamePolitics, the suit was dismissed less than a week after being filed. There’s no word on why yet.

No offense to Hans or Nintendo, but this song sucks!  It does nothing for the game or the commercial viewer. Why not use music from the game’s score? If I remember correctly, there were some pretty good tunes in there.

I never saw True Romance. Was it any good? Oh, and don’t you think that the the Paper Mario sequels pale in comparison to the original?

Dale North