Nintendo stock drops after DSi announcement

If you didn’t find Nintendo’s announcement of the new DSi handheld very exciting, you’re not alone. Investors were pretty non-plussed also and the company’s stock plummeted 8.7% the day after the reveal.

Yoku Ihara, an analyst at Retela Crea Securities Com told Bloomberg that, “Nintendo’s announcement on the DS didn’t exceed investors’ expectations.”

Nintendo’s stock has been in a significant decline since peaking last October. In 2008 so far, the value has decreased 41% due in part to the strengthening Yen and the current global financial market crisis. Still, the drop today has to hit pretty hard, and it’s almost certainly due to the press conference announcement.

While I’m no expert and am judging by what I’ve been reading around the web, it doesn’t sound as though the DSi is going to print money they way its predecessors has. It’s hard to say how much Nintendo really has riding on this one, though, as the Wii is still going strong and the DS Lite is selling fairly well. 

Do you think Nintendo can turn this ship around again, or is the honeymoon over?

[Via GamesIndustry]

Conrad Zimmerman