Nintendo: Shut the f*** up, Miyamoto!

This is terrific. It’s recently been revealed that legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has been served a gagging order from Nintendo, who have expressly forbidden the man from talking publicly about his hobbies.

Because Miyamoto’s brain is worth millions to the market leading company there are fears that any clues as to how it works could leak an idea to the public forum too soon. Nintendo wants to keep their secret weapon’s mind under lock and key, and with good reason.

Shigeru Miyamoto is famous for turning his hobbies and interests into software ideas. It was after deciding to start exercising more that Miyamoto created Wii Fit, and his love of puzzles developed into Brain Training. Shigeru is able to transform his daily activities into billions of dollars for his employers, dollars that Nintendo has no interest in sharing. 

So, don’t expect Shigeru to be revealing his fondness for stamp collecting anytime soon. The Big N has no intention of letting that potential goldmine slip.

Jim Sterling