Nintendo show their true colors when a fan loses everything in a fire

I’ve gotten comfortable with the fact that the Nintendo of today is not the same company I was once enamoured withas a child, and that’s ok with me — they’re still changing the face of gaming, whether it appeals to my demograpic or not. Still, I’m a person who is always happy to hear a story about kindness, and Nintendo took part in just such a story recently.

GoNintendo brought us a story about a 21 year old Nintendo fan who lost the home he lived in with his parents to a disasterous fire on September 19th of last year. He lost a large Nintendo collection that included every console the company released plus lots of games and miscelleneous items.

He contacted Nintendo to inquire about suspending his WiiWare account since he planned to buy a new Wii and ended up sharing the story with them about what happened. About two weeks later, Nintendo’s Customer Service department contacted him to ask how he and his family were faring and to tell him they would like to replace his Wii and Gameboy Advance SP — for free.

Sure, it makes Nintendo look good, but it also goes above and beyond the call of duty, and that got a smile on my face today. Best of luck to GoNintendo reader PsyduckWarrior, and here’s to hoping things get back to normal for you and your family soon.


Colette Bennett