Nintendo ships Mario Galaxy demo to stores: Demos entire game


is reporting that one of its readers headed out to his local GameCrazy in order to try the Super Mario Galaxy demo … a demo that just so happens to be the entire game. Earning the envious rage of gamers everywhere, this reader has now set out to beat the entire game before its official release date.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has sent out a full game for demo units prior to launch. It went and did the same with Excitetruck as well. Hopefully much more of you will get a chance to beat the game before its release, as Destructoid’s heard that GameStop will be getting these “demo” discs in November.

Until then, check out the above video, where that reader shows off the UR MR GAY “demo” disc, and keep watching his vids if you want to check the lucky git’s progress throughout the game. Obviously though, be wary of spoilers.

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