Nintendo seemingly recognizes the Super Smash Bros. datamining scene, removes DLC codename hints

Goodbye, ‘Jack’ and ‘Brave’

Sometimes Smash leaks are wild. Like when someone tells you The Grinch is going to be included in the roster or your friend tells you that his uncle who works at Nintendo said that Geno is definitely going to make it in at launch. In other cases, they’re officially recognized by the company in question.

While I’m always careful when it comes to leaks, this is an interesting story in its own right even if nothing comes of it. Nintendo has actually been listening to the datamining community for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, who has repeatedly found topics hidden within the game’s code.

In this case Nintendo used their latest 2.0 update to remove two codenames: “Jack” and “Brave.” The first is obviously a hat tip to Joker, who belongs to a series produced by Atlus with a character named Jack Frost as its mascot. The other is allegedly referring to Erdrick from Dragon Quest, who has been the popular DLC rumor for around a month now.

Nintendo could just as well be moving to squash any sort of rumors to avoid all expectations (like when the second DLC character is someone familiar/first party and the community goes “I was expecting a Dragon Quest character!”). But it’s fascinating all the same that the parameters were removed.

Mizumi [Twitter] Thanks Rick!

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