Nintendo says the Switch will have a ‘long lifespan’

Longer than the Wii U hopefully

Nintendo telling us that they’ll support their systems is nothing new.

They spouted their undying love for the Wii U for several years, and even tried to salvage it with a handful of great first-party games near the end, but it just wasn’t enough and they dropped it like a sack of potatoes. The 3DS might suffer the same fate in 2018, because while Reggie and several other executives have claimed that it has some life in it yet, there aren’t enough projects in the pipeline to back that up. So that leaves the Switch.

According to Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima, the Switch is entering a “crucial” second year, one of which that will be part of a “long lifespan.” To accomplish this they’re going to keep expanding to users “who have never touched game machines too much,” a strategy last seen on the Wii.

In case you’re worried that Nintendo is going to go full Wii Fit, don’t be. The thing about the Switch is that it offers options. There’s motion for those who want it, and tactile controls, including Pro Controllers, for the core audience. The portable factor and strong indie showing already is also a good sign that innovators are all-in for long term support. It’s good to be Nintendo right now.

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