Nintendo rolls out free ‘Switch trials’ for Switch Online members, starting with Mario Tennis Aces

‘Play for free from August 7 through August 13’

Nintendo has been teasing “additional Switch Online bonuses” for months now, and it looks like one is just about to arrive.

Dubbed “Nintendo Game Trials,” the idea is to give folks free access to games for a week, so long as you’re a Switch Online subscriber. The promotion will run from August 7 through August 13, and will begin with Mario Tennis Aces. This is vaguely reminiscent of Sony’s rollout of PlayStation Plus demos, right down to the “you can carry your progress over to the full game.” With Nintendo innovating constantly it’s weird to see them follow the pack when it comes to online services.

To be clear this promotion does look like it’s the full game, and again, if you tried it with the Game Trial concept you can bring your progress over. Nintendo is making Mario Tennis Aces 33% off through August 20 to entice people to do just that.

Nintendo of Europe [Twitter]

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