Nintendo registers Wii U Sports, WiiUWare (seriously?)

The Wii U may be aiming more for the so-called “core” gamers, but don’t panic, there’s plenty of utter nonsense coming out for the mainstream crowd as well. Nintendo has registered domains for a whole bunch of potential crap, which mostly consists of Wii games with “U” stuck on the end. 

Wii U Sports, Wii U Music and Wii U Fitness have all been reserved, along with the ridiculous sounding WiiUWare. Really, Nintendo? Let’s just keep calling it WiiWare and leave it at that, okay?

Of course, these domain names aren’t confirmation that all, or even any, of these games and products are in development. Nintendo’s just keeping its options open. Nevertheless, it gives you a good idea of where Nintendo’s head’s at, and seems to indicate that it wants a lot of games with “Wii U” in the title. 

Nintendo’s going to keep saying that name until we like it.

Nintendo registers ‘Wii Sports U’, ‘WiiUWare’ [CVG]

Jim Sterling