Nintendo refuses to license its music to Bieber movie

Shameless plug: I’m working on getting the next episode of Constructoid out next week. It’s about giving constructive criticism to Nintendo, in order to help them win back self-identified “hardcore” gamers. What sucks is, I finished the episode about two weeks ago, and since then, Nintendo has already done a lot of the stuff that I suggested.

Case in point — Nintendo has been wasting a lot of time and money lately trying to position itself near Hollywood celebrities. That’s done absolutely nothing for the company, other than show hardcore gamers that their priorities truly are out of whack. So, point to Nintendo for turning down an offer from the producers of Justin Bieber’s new movie on using 15 seconds of the Super Mario Bros. theme song as part of their soundtrack.

I’m sure Justin Bieber and his fans think that Nintendo just passed on a great opportunity, but I think most videogame fans would agree that the last thing Nintendo needs right now is to get cozy with a style-over-substance, thoroughly soft-faced pop star (again). With this, and the improvement of Friend Codes, maybe Nintendo is slowly moving away from all the things that have made “Wii” a four letter word amongst millions of gamers.


Nintendo Says Never To Justin Bieber’s ‘Never Say Never’ Movie [MTV Multiplayer]

Jonathan Holmes
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