Nintendo recruitment book will turn you on in the pants

A poster over at NeoGaf discovered something awesome. He found images from pages of a book over on 2ch. These pages were covered in concept art and over forms of Nintendo awesome. Having no idea what they were he posted them and requested help. It turns out that they are pages from Nintendo’s most recent recruiting booklet.

See every year Nintendo publishes a booklet to hand out at colleges and recruit the top students. Evidently, it is the greatest booklet ever and shows off a ton of awesome stuff. Just look at that concept art for the cover of New Super Mario Bro. Wii or the boat and Tingle trains for Spirit Tracks. The page design is also epic, with the theme being a messy desk in the Nintendo office. Other posters over at the NeoGaf thread have posted pages from years before and they’re all amazing.

Nintendo needs to sell these thing, right now. Meanwhile I suggest we dig through these images to come up with wild speculation about leaks and other things Nintendo is planning. I’m sure we can find proof of that rumored next system.

Nintendo fans (or 2ch reader), do you know where are these stuff come from ?? [NeoGaf, via Zelda Informer]

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