Nintendo reaffirms their overwhelming supremacy, in case you hadn’t noticed

In a recent statement, Nintendo spoke about their sales for the beginning of 2009, saying “Nintendo kicked off 2009 the same way it finished 2008: with a bang … While the video game industry grew by $150 million (12 percent) year-on-year, Nintendo’s total sales grew by $300 million in January, offsetting declines on other platforms.”

That’s not all, though. As you can imagine, fan favorite and marketing VP Cammie Dunanway had something to contribute as well:

“Nintendo’s significant contribution to January’s industry growth validates our internal research showing that Nintendo continues to expand the gaming audience.”

“We are excited to see that consumers, new and existing, are choosing to entertain themselves in new ways with the diversity of our software line-up.”

In other words, Nintendo owns your ass. Close to 680,000 Wiis and 510,000 DS units sold in January, not to mention twenty of the top thirty titles of the month were Nintendo titles. You have to wonder what they’re planning on next, as it seems that everything they touch turns to gold right now. What’s it like to take a bath in hundred dollar bills, Reg?

Colette Bennett