Nintendo ranks as one of the most reputable companies

Nintendo’s still dealing with that ol’ price fixing scandal from some time back, but now it looks like they’re on the up and up, ranking high on the list of most reputable companies.

Reputation Institute’s Global Reputation Pulse 2009 survey puts Nintendo at number 6 on the list, beating out gaming companies Sony, at number 126, and Microsoft (they ranked? kidding!) at a respectable number 30. This is the fourth annual survey of leading companies, ranking them on “admiration, trust, good feelings and overall esteem,” says Gamasutra. The report is based on some 70,000 interviews in over 30 countries. 

The top five above Nintendo? Ferrero (yummy chocolate), Ikea, Johnson & Johnson, oil company Petrobras (great name), and food maker Sadia. Aside from number 6 overall, Nintendo also ranked in the top five for products/services, innovation, workplace, leadership and performance. Not bad for a company that has yakuza roots!

Dale North