Nintendo Points not exactly multiplatform

Imagine this. You walk into a store and pick up one of Nintendo’s recently announced Nintendo Points cards. You come home, toss the number into your Wii and buy Mega Man 9. After a few hours you realize that you need to rush to the airport to fly to Turkey. You pick up your DSi and try to purchase a game with the same card (with points still on it) you just used for your Wii. After trying to purchase, you’ll find that your card doesn’t work. It is now bound to your Wii.

Go figure, right? According to a Siliconera report, Nintendo Points cards can only be used for one console solely. Even if there are points left on the card, consumers won’t be able to apply them to the upcoming DSi store.

Leave it to Nintendo to unify a name, but forget to unify the system. There has to be a screw loose somewhere at Nintendo, I’m sure of it. What do you guys think? Ready to juggle some cards whenever the DSi hits?

Brad BradNicholson