Nintendo per-employee profit higher than Google, Goldman Sachs

An article at opens like this:

The programmers of Super Mario Galaxy will generate more profit this year than the average Goldman Sachs banker has ever managed. 

Good! Forget Goldman Sachs; they don’t entertain me. Financial Times says that the employees at Nintendo earn more per person for their company than your average Goldman Sachs employee did in 2007, the investment bank’s best year.

Seeing as how Nintendo is selling hardware and games like hotcakes, and that their company only employs 3,000 people, you could see how this number would be high. This has each Nintendo employee bringing in $1.6 million for their company, versus $1.24m for Goldman Sachs and $626,000 for Google workers. Nintendo says that they probably under-estimated the figures. Wow.

Despite all of the green they earn for their company, Nintendo employees will take home an average pay of $90,900. Weak. 

“We are not experiencing success,” says one long-time Nintendo employee, with no sign of dissatisfaction, “just increased overtime”.

Dale North