Nintendo patents Mii Contest Channel, Soma Bringer, and more

It appears Nintendo’s legal hounds have been busy, recently registering six trademarks with the Japanese patent office. Among the trademarks are “Mii Audition,” “Mii Contest Channel,” “Nintendo Magic,” “Wii Handle,” “Wii Body Controller,” and “Soma Bringer.”

The “Mii Contest Channel” is likely the already announced “Check Mii Out” channel, and one can only guess that “Wii Body Controller,” is related to (or is) the Wii Balance Board that ships with Wii Fit. Nintendo Magic (working title) is a Nintendo DS “magic simulation” title that was released last year in Japan (as Magic Taizen), and will likely see a US release this Fall.

As far as “Mii Audition,” “Wii Handle,” and “Soma Bringer” are concerned, your guess is as good as ours. But here’s some good news for Pikmin fans: Nintendo also renewed the trademark protection on “Pikmin,” possibly suggesting a new Pikmin title, or at least the inclusion of Miyamoto’s work-a-holic little aliens in future games.

[Via NeoGaf

Nick Chester