Nintendo partners with DJ Academy for Rhythm Heaven event

If you’ve already mastered Rhythm Heaven on the Nintendo DS, Nintendo wants to put your real skills to this test this week in New York City. 

This Thursday, April 9, Nintendo will be hosting a Rhythm Heaven event at the Scratch DJ Academy school where real, live DJs will related actual scratch-work to Nintendo’s music title. Two world-famous DJ instructors with the best names ever, DJ Daddy Dog Djay Jung, will be there to hold your hand while you scratch and mix actual vinyl. There’s also going to be a live Rhythm Heaven/DJ battle and a bunch of prizes that you can re-gift to your friends this holiday. 

If you’re in the NY area and decide to attend, bring a camera and let us know how it went. Also, wear your nicest addidas track jacket and gold chains. Because what DJs wear, right? 

Nick Chester