Nintendo on Holiday 09: We have a ‘tremendous amount’

You know how it goes. You go to the big box store around the holidays, looking for the hot new game system for little Timmy, and it’s not there. Instead, you find soccer moms swarming around and signs posted on when the next shipment might be coming. It only takes a couple of holiday seasons of this to be totally tired of the song and dance. Maybe that’s why CNBC asked Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime how the scene is going to look this year.

“From our standpoint, we’re prepared,” Fils-Aime told CNBC. “We have a tremendous amount of product in inventory, we’ve been flowing product into retail. We do not expect to have shortages on our products.”

Don’t they always say that? Running out is a good thing for Nintendo, though.

“I’d love to have that happen, but we’re not seeing that happen this year,” Reggie said smugly.

I know there are a lot of $199 Wii systems on lists for Santa this year, not to mention replacments for aging DS and DS Lites. You had better be right, Reggie.


Dale North