Nintendo offering a brilliant solution to Wii storage woes, SD cards

There was something interesting that popped out of our pseudo-liveblog of the Nintendo Fall press conference in Tokyo that deserves a bit of illumination if you missed it. Apparently, Nintendo is aware that its consumer base is having a problem with storage. One of the announcements at the event was a solution – more SD cards.

It was a stroke of brilliance and obviously we should all bow down to the mighty think-tank that Nintendo has behind the curtain. Instead of something trivial like a hard drive which has the propensity to hold over 6.5 gigabytes worth of stuff, Nintendo has decided that SD cards should now carry the burden of Virtual Console releases. Soon, every Wii owner will be able to download purchased content directly to an SD card and then put the information on the Wii at their leisure.

Obviously, Nintendo spent a long time thinking about this move and we can do nothing but stare in awe at the brilliance of execution and the ingenuity displayed by allowing consumers to purchase, but still be hassled about space concerns. Bravo!

Brad BradNicholson