Whoa: Nintendo of Japan started a Switch repair subscription

Switch repair

It’s about $15 a year

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A Switch repair has popped up in Japan, and it’s officially endorsed by Nintendo. For roughly $15 USD a year (or about $1.5 a month), you can join up.

Nintendo is calling the service “Wide Care,” and it’s available on their official site directly. They describe it as “a repair warranty service that can solve such problems. We guarantee a wide range of failures such as natural failures, failures due to getting wet, and damage due to dropping.” Hilariously, one of the incidents described on the page trying to get you to subscribe involves being worried that your kid will drop your Switch outside.

It seems to actually be “wide’ as advertised, and will cover most repairs, with the catch that you get six uses per year. Shipping is covered, and the Switch Lite is covered (though not separate Joy-Con or the dock if you just own a Switch Lite, which makes sense as the Lite doesn’t come with either accessory). You can find all of the details on the main page, or below:

Switch repair 2

This is just the latest in a long line of Switch repair services to help Nintendo stave off current and future lawsuits dealing with the state of Joy-Con controllers. Remember that in the US at least, the company is still offering free Joy-Con repairs.

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