Nintendo of France expects the Switch to eclipse the Wii U by year’s end


Talk about a sibling rivalry of Cain and Abel proportions, but the projections for the Switch versus the Wii U are some real salting the Earth type stuff.

Nintendo of France’s deputy general manager Philippe Lavoue recently came out and said that they expect the Switch to beat out the Wii U’s lifetime sales as of this year. He brings up sales numbers for France, noting that while Mario Kart Wii hit three million sold in that region, Mario Kart 8 on Wii U only hit 350,000 — so there’s potential for the Switch to smash that. According to Vavoue, the pre-orders for the Wii U version of Zelda: Breath of the Wild “aren’t even close” to Switch. The hope is there, now they just have to execute.

All of this is adding up to an exciting future where Nintendo might actually be a key console player again, but it’s also making me sad. If only Nintendo didn’t squander the Wii U, and screw up their marketing out of the gate (that confusing, awful name for starters). RIP, you great console, you.

Nintendo France [Gamekult via Nintendo Everything]

Chris Carter
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