Nintendo NX might be running on Android

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A few years ago, a device descended from the heavens and changed the way we play games forever. Since it launched, no one has ever been able to play games on any other device for it just felt unclean. It will forever be remembered as the console to save gaming, and that device was… The Ouya.

Wait… no one remembers the Ouya? You’re telling me it failed horrifically? Shit. No one seemed to tell Nintendo that either. According to Japanese business magazine Nikkei, its newest console, codenamed the NX, will run off of some version of the Android OS, much like the Ouya does.

Unfortunately, most of the information about this is hidden behind Nikkei’s paywall and so can’t be quoted. The only possible thing suggesting this change that can be freely read is the pullquote, which when translated just says:

OS is Android.

Thanks Nikkei, really helpful.

Fortunately, we have a summary by NeoGAF user Duckroll. It appears as though Nintendo had a change of heart since third party developers abandoned the Wii U, prompting its decision to branch out into Android. This, combined with its recent partnership with DeNA, suggests it might be trying to open up its consoles to more developers.

Now of course this doesn’t mean the console will run Android in the way we know it. It might not be anywhere close to the Ouya or a smartphone. Whatever it is, we won’t know what it is for sure until some time after E3, as it isn’t being shown there.

マリオが飛び込む大乱闘 任天堂・DeNA提携の深層 [Nikkei via NeoGAF]

Joe Parlock