Nintendo: No more Freeloaders ’round here

Dust that GameCube off – it looks like you’ll have to put it back into your gaming rig.

Nintendo is now probably twiddling their thumbs and casually whistling while gazing off in the distance, pretending like they didn’t know that the latest Wii firmware update would render Datel’s Freeloader software unusable.

Freeloader was originally a third-party product for the GameCube, enabling users to defeat the territorial protection of the console to play imported games. Up until now, gamers could use Freeloader to play imported GameCube titles on the Wii, but the version 3 firmware update killed that possibility. 

Nintendo told Eurogamer that there was nothing they could do as Freeloader is not an officially licensed product. Nintendo has said nothing about fixing compatibility problems with the software.

[Via – thanks, Justin] 


Dale North