Nintendo mistakenly updates site to say online services coming in 2019, corrects it back to 2018

A confusing month

For the past month or so, things have been mighty confusing for Nintendo’s upcoming online service.

At first, we were meant to get the alteration in the fall of 2017, before that was promptly pushed back to 2018. Then, just several days ago, Nintendo published a new page on their official website regarding online play, and noted that the service was coming in “2019.” After reaching out to Nintendo however we’ve learned that this was a mistake, and the site has been updated accordingly. For now, it’s still on pace for 2018.

I’m sure a lot of you are excited that it’s been delayed at all, as you’ll have to eventually pay for it when the update arrives (though it’s fairly cheap). The more Nintendo waits though, the less willing people will be to pay for something that’s been free all along.

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