Nintendo manufactured mysterious silver and gold Super Mario amiibo

Make new friends but keep the old; these Metal Mario amiibo are silver and gold

If amiibo have been hard to come by before, it looks like we’re in for a whole new kind of scarcity. CPSIA certificates from Nintendo revealed a previously unknown amiibo in the Super Mario line of toys, silver and gold Metal Marios.

The Super Mario line Mario is already enough of a challenge to snag, what with it being tied to the Mario Party 10 bundle.

Who knows how these gold and silver variants will be made available. Maybe a Club Nintendo (gold and platinum members) swan song? It would beat raiding stores. And those of us who don’t care about amiibo could probably sell them for quite a bit. Uhm. I mean, scalpers are bad!

CPSIA Certificates indicate Gold, Silver editions of Super Mario amiibo on the way [The Tanooki]

Steven Hansen