Nintendo makes dreams (and nightmares) come true in this weird new ad campaign

Real life Nintendo

Nintendo just dropped a new ad campaign and I can’t figure out if they were trying to psyche people up or scar them for life.

The gist is simple: Nintendo surprises people with real life paraphernalia adjacent to their actual games. So a minature tennis court, chair umpire, and an audience for Mario Tennis Aces, and racing chairs/wheels for Mario Kart 8, that sort of thing.

But where this differs from a typical feel good ad is the details. For Mario Kart they actually get a person to dress up with a Lakitu skirt and hold a traffic light over their head. For Mario Tennis it’s not your typical audience: it’s a hellish gallery of real life Shy Guys. Oh, and 1-2 Switch is included for some reason.

If I ever saw those Guys in real life I’d run the other way.

Chris Carter
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