Nintendo licenses Mario Kart slot racetrack … for some reason

Can’t get enough Mario Kart? Soon you can smoke the competition in (semi) real life with this classically styled slot racetrack, featuring Mario and Yoshi. Why you would want to do that for more than 10 minutes is a mystery, but hey, people like Mario and people used to like slot racers, so somebody’s dream just came true somewhere.

Included in the set are the aforementioned racers, nine feet or so of track, two controllers, and some nifty background pieces to keep the theme going. If you’re a collector or you don’t know what to do with the $29.99 grandma sent for your birthday, you can pre-order one right here and still get in some kart action when the TV craps out. (Red shells, stars and anything else that makes Mario Kart fun not included.)


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