Nintendo Labo kits receive UK prices and release date


Cardboard fans of the United Kingdom rejoice! Nintendo have released details on when you can get your hands on their intriguing new Switch game/accessory/peripheral/thing, Nintendo Labo.

The U.K (as well as Europe) will see both the Variety and Robot kits land on their shores April 27, exactly one week after the U.S. release. In terms of cost, this surprisingly isn’t the usual case of just switching the dollar sign to a pound symbol, as both kits will see a slight price adjustment.

The Robot kit will have a £70 price-tag, whilst the Variety kit runs a tenner cheaper at £60. The Customisation kit, which allows you to add stickers and designs to your creations, will retail for £9. In keeping with its U.S. counterpart, Amazon UK now have pre-order pages open for all three sets.

When I was a tiny kid, like, seven years old, I built a robot suit out of cardboard boxes. I went out in the garden wearing it, and my neighbour, a grown man, laughed at it and mocked me. Still hurts…

Nintendo Labo release date and pricing [Official site]

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