Nintendo ‘kind of’ selling two WiiWare/VC games online

Wait, what?

It seems Nintendo is offering downloadable games via a new computer-accessed store front. ShopNintendo is offering tickets for Virtual Console games so that people can download them to the Wii later. As if that wasn’t odd enough, here’s the real kicker — the store is only selling two games. 

Right now, the only titles available are Pokemon Rumble and Super Mario Bros. 3. Yes, one random WiiWare game and one random Virtual Console game. I seriously have no frigging clue why they would do that. In any case, you can buy them via your browser right now … although why you’d want to do it is beyond my comprehension. 

Maybe we’re seeing the early stages of a massive store rollout, or maybe people just love these two games so much that they need to be able to buy them wherever they are. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a secret government experiment, where you can use the Wii’s Internet browser to buy games for the Wii, thus becoming so meta that you rip a hole through space-time and create a portal to The EverHell.

Or … not. 

Buy first party VC/WiiWare games online? [GoNintendo]

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