Nintendo keeps the fun video quizzes coming with this Mario Kart focus test

Love these

As we retreat to our bunkers filled with dread on a daily basis to work, partake in online education or mess around, I’ll take wholesome fun anyway I can. A few recent videos from the official Nintendo YouTube channel have hit the spot.

Following up their “Guess that Game” quiz show, the channel debuted “Test Your 5-Second Focus” this week with a very appropriate fast-moving game: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. In short, the minute-and-a-half clip will present various situations in video form, then task you with remembering what happened.

Things like “who threw the second shell,” or “who did [x] pass first,” that sort of thing. The best part about this clip is how a question can completely throw you off with an out of left field requirement. The last question is fiendishly tricky! Someone had a big devil smile on their face when drafting that one up.

Chris Carter
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