Nintendo Japan employees tend to stick around for 13.5 years

And other factoids

If you love learning random tidbits about Nintendo’s inner workings, you’ll want to see the company’s new Japanese recruitment page. The site has a few notable data points folks would want to know about as prospective employees, and for the rest of us nosy onlookers, it’s just plain fascinating to see.

For instance, would you have guessed that the average length of employment at Nintendo Co., Ltd. is a whopping 13.5 years? With industry layoffs dominating the news cycle lately, that’s quite the figure.

The older average age, 38.6 years, also stands out. I imagine there’s some nuance and wiggle room for certain statistics, and this doesn’t apply to Nintendo’s operations worldwide, but even still, these numbers make a pretty compelling case for graduates thinking of applying for a gig in Japan. I want to see what the next generation of creators can come up with in this kind of work environment.

Making quality games that are entertaining at launch and will still hold up years from now is a challenge. Pulling that off in a way that’s sustainable long-term for the company and its staff? That’s the dream.

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