Nintendo jabs at your nostalgia tendon with a remade Pokemon anime intro

I wanna be…

Prettttty much everyone knows the words, or at least some of the lyrics, to the original Pokemon anime theme song. It’s embedded in your brain and in the mind of singer Jason Paige, who re-appears from time to time to cover the tune yet again.

Nintendo and Game Freak are doing the exact same thing, but this time they’re using the opportunity to pepper some nostalgia into the Pokemon Let’s Go marketing campaign. In honor of the two Switch Pokemon titles that just came out there’s a new video available of footage from the game mixed with the aforementioned show intro.

Cheap tactics aside the trailer, which seems to be a launch clip of sorts for the pair of games, does a decent job of actually showing you what’s up. Battle, exploration and side mission footage is clearly depicted alongside of light glimpses at the interactivity with Pokemon Go.

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