Nintendo is running a ‘royalty only’ tournament in Smash Ultimate, but where the hell is King K. Rool in this promo image?

‘King’ is in the name!

It’s time for another Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event: which also means that it’s time to complain about the choice of header image.

This weekend you can participate in a “Royal Tournament,” which will allow royalty-based characters to play for spirit-based rewards and in-game points. For extra oomph, you’ll be fighting in castle arenas (neat!). Okay, so King Dedede, Princess Peach/Daisy/Zelda, many members of Fire Emblem royal families: that all checks out as they are prominently displayed in the teaser image for the event.

But what about King K. Rool? Is he not considered real royalty? Did Nintendo go all galaxy brain on us and inform us of a new Donkey Kong Country series canon? Also, what about Ganondorf? We’ll find out on Friday whether or not the invites got lost in the mail.

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