Nintendo is renewing Switch Online trial periods, even if you redeemed one already

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So you’re stuck at home, own a Switch, and don’t find the current Switch Online subscription service to be enticing enough to pay for. You probably took advantage of Nintendo’s recent free trial period, right? Well, thankfully the publisher is renewing that trial even if you already redeemed it, so you can play for another week for free.

Announced by way of the Nintendo of Europe Twitter account, the terms are simple: “Enjoy seven days of online play, 70+ classic NES and Super NES games, and more with a Nintendo Switch Online free trial! You can enjoy this offer even if you redeemed a free trial previously. Visit the Nintendo eShop on your console to get started.”

For those of you who aren’t attuned in the ways of Switch Online, the banner above actually highlights all of its “benefits.” The first is online play, followed by NES (and SNES, not pictured) bonus games, then cloud saving, mobile app use and the dreaded “mystery box.”

Switch Online has had its ups and downs, with sometimes shaky service (Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the most recent culprit) and inconsistent retro suite additions. While the SNES suite was a second wind for the retro game perk, things have slowed down considerably in recent weeks. Right now, Nintendo has no real incentive to step things up, but free is free, even for a limited time.

You can find the free trial directly in the Switch eShop, as well as a My Nintendo bonus here.

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